A conversation began on Twitter and blossomed into the Twitter hashtag #whylib, so I thought it would be fun to join the conversation and share my story.

I never thought I would be a librarian; it never even crossed my mind. I’m not sure why since all my life I have been surrounded by books and reading. I remember going to the public library with my mom when I was little, but my dad loved to browse through bookstores instead of libraries. I remember using my middle school library but I rarely visited the high school library and *eek* my college library as well.

My first love growing up was art, and so I ended up graduating with an art degree from Rollins College during the 80’s recession. Struggling to find a job after graduating I ended up in the business world in Boston, eventually working at the Museum of Fine Arts, which was a dream come true. Fast forward a few years and after getting laid off from the Museum when they made drastic cuts to get the museum back on track financially, I struggled to find a direction.

My husband and I moved to Maine and I ended up working in a high school where fortuitously my principal was hired to be the principal at a school that my husband was hired as a math teacher, AND the librarian was retiring. The principal asked if that was something I would be interested in and after a brief pause, I said “Yes, I could do that!” The rest is history. I worked on getting certified and earned my MLIS from the University of South Carolina and haven’t looked back.

While I never imagined myself as librarian, now I can’t imagine anything else. I think what I love most about being a librarian is helping people. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than teaching a student or staff member how to do something, sharing the perfect book or resource and organizing information. What makes it even better… the librarian community is amazingly supportive and positive. Have a question? Ask a librarian!

April is School Library Month and the theme this year is “Lives Change @ Your Library.” Share your story on Twitter on why you became a librarian and make sure to include the hashtag #whylib.