IMG_20150908_102038Everyone seems to be coloring; everywhere I go there are coloring books for sale! I thought it would be fun for students to be able to color in the library and it was a huge hit. I print out pages of different coloring pictures and bookmarks and leave them out for students to take whenever they want. I also have boxes of colored pencils and markers besides the ones in the display that students are welcome to use. The library is a great place to let students color and de-stress.

There are so many places to get free coloring pages, but my go to place is Pinterest. Once I’ve found some cool coloring pages that I think students will like I keep a folder of the originals and use those to make copies to leave out for students. I also keep a folder in Google Drive of other coloring pages I have downloaded. Keep the display fresh and new by always putting out new and different coloring pages.

Some libraries have been creating large tabletop coloring pages and I also spotted a huge chalkboard wall on the ALA Think Tank Facebook Page, which I love!

coloring-2 coloring-1









Has the coloring craze come to your library?