libraryaidesAs a solo librarian, student library aides are a tremendous help to me in the library. I normally have a few students each year that are interested in helping out in the library, sometimes this has been very successful and other times not so much. This year I decided to make it more formal and have students apply to become library aides. Even though the application is very simple, I figured if they went to the trouble to fill it out they must be interested as well as invested in the library. I only allow students that are upperclassmen apply because student librarians are primarily responsible for checking books in and out which requires a lot of customer service and I have found that freshman are not yet comfortable in this role. The most important quality a student can have working for me is being friendly and outgoing. All my library aides this year were awesome!

Feel free to download and modify my library aide application for use in your library.

Library Aide Application