Annual Reports

Annual Reports or a “Year in Review” are a great way to give your administrators an overview of all the great things that are happening in your library. I like to format mine similar to an infographic, with a lot of graphics, statistics, photographs and with limited text. This year I used Piktochart which I found very easy to use and with a lot of ways to customize my report. Administrators are extremely busy and have limited time to read lengthy reports, so this is a great format to give them a quick overview of the library and it should be easy for them to share. Even if you think they aren’t reading and sharing all the great things happening in your library, they are!

End of the School Year

Calendar*In Maine, schools have a winter break in February and then spring break in April. The time between these two breaks just drags by, the weather is awful, there are no sports for students, and there are no holidays or breaks. Then we come back from spring break and the school year speeds up and all of a sudden it’s time to start thinking about the activities that I need to complete by the end of the school year.

    • Set the calendar for when the library will close to students. This depends on how many school days get added onto the┬ácalendar because of snow days and is typically a week before the last day of school.
    • Send notices to students listing items they have out and when they need to be returned, typically the last day of school.
    • Send notices to seniors and coordinate with front office the list of seniors who have items out. All seniors are required to have items returned or paid for if lost to receive their cap and gown.
    • Inventory – I have 2 inventories that I need to complete. My technology inventory for the Tech Department and my book/library materials inventory. My library has about 17,000 items that need to be inventoried, which takes about a week to complete.
    • Gather library statistics to create an infographic and year in review to share with the superintendent and principal.
    • Write purchase orders for items that need to be approved and ordered over the summer.


What are some of your year end activities?


photo by: DafneCholet