Library Orientation Meme Style

I wanted to try something new for freshmen library orientation this year and got this awesome idea from Naomi Bates to use meme’s. Today I tried it for the first time and it was a huge success! I loved looking around the room and seeing kids smiling and laughing and more importantly paying attention! I used Imgflip and Meme Generator to make the memes.

I followed the slideshow with a game of Kahoot to see how well they paid attention. If you’ve never played Kahoot with students, they LOVE it! And there are lots of public Kahoots that you can use and even modify to customize it for your own lesson.

A Lesson Using EasyBib

easybibThis past week I worked with our freshman class to show them how to use EasyBib. The majority of them have used EasyBib before to create their bibliography, but I recently purchased a subscription to EasyBib for the school that allows students to not only cite their sources and create a bibliography but also create notecards, an outline and link their paper, presentation or spreadsheet to their Google account.

Since I don’t have regular classes, new resources are hard to get “out there.” It takes a lot of work to publicize them and the best way I have found in doing this is joining department meetings. Just the other week I met with the English Department to present some of our new resources that are available in the library, one of which was EasyBib. All the teachers were excited about it and our freshman teachers immediately booked the library for me to show their students how to use this new resource. It couldn’t have been timed more perfectly as they were just about to start a research project.

The teachers were hoping that creating notecards online and allowing them to manipulate the notecards and outline, which in the past students found tedious, would get them more engaged. It was great to see this happen!

Since this was the first time teaching and using EasyBib using these features there was some trial and error, but I always find it empowering for students to discover things that I haven’t. EasyBib has the option to share “projects” which would have been perfect for this group research project, but we discovered that the notecards were “read only” for sharing, which was a bummer. They were really excited to be able to do this, so I hope that EasyBib has this in development. One student mentioned that they would like to be able to resize the notecards, which I think would be a great feature.

EasyBib also has a great smartphone app for both Android and iPhones that allows you to scan the book barcode to create a source citation.

Overall a very successful project for the students!

Information Curation with Bundlr

bundlrOne of the things I love to do is gather and organize information, I think it is a mild form of OCD. There are a lot of information or content curation tools available right now and I recently discovered Bundlr and love it! I was really looking for a tool that would help me organize my workshop materials that I had found online, but also wanted a way to organize each topic that we would be discussing. I originally was organizing all my workshop materials in Evernote (which I absolutely love as well) but it started becoming one large note with no clear organization, which drives me crazy. There were links to articles and as well as PDF’s but it wasn’t visually cohesive, so I started looking for a way to better organize my materials. Each content curation tool has it’s own benefits and you need to look for the tool that is going to work for you. The reasons I chose Bundlr:

  • The ability to create boards for different topics
  • The ability to embed the boards on my blog. You can check out some of the bundles I’ve embedded on my blog under “Resources”
  • Bundlr’s browser button that lets me clip websites, videos, tweets, links, etc.
  • Upgrade to premium (only $19.99/year) to remove Bundlr branding, advertising, syncing to dropbox, statistical information, and private bundles
  • Apps available for Android and iPhone/iPad

Leave a comment and share your favorite content curation tool and why.