Using Book Trailers for Book Talks

book-trailer-1I recently had a few classes in the library that needed to choose books for projects. One of the projects was how technology affects society so I selected dystopian and science fiction books and the other class had to choose either a fiction or non-fiction book on outdoor survival. Normally I book talk a selection of books but since a lot of the books were new books that had book trailers online I decided to show these. Students were entranced and really enjoyed the experience, I only wish I had a better projection system! I was surprised that the majority of students didn’t know that book trailers were even made and I even included some student made videos to hopefully inspire them to create their own, which would be a really cool class project!

What ways have you used book trailers with your students?

The following are the playlists I used.

 Dystopian & Science Fiction Book Trailers

Outdoor Survival Fiction & Non-Fiction

  • lib chelle

    Hi, I had never heard about book trailers until a few weeks ago. I do think this not only engages students and young readers but could as you have stated create a new way for students to do projects. Book reports, reviews and possibly a way for schools to have “virtual” book clubs, where students do a book trailer for another group to view and this other group replies with their interpretation. What a great way to entice a struggling or a non reader.
    The only issue I do have is with seeing a book trailer your imagination has been tainted by the video footage. How I imagine a character and scene may not be how the book trailer presents it. I know this is just a small issue compared to the amazing and exciting things that book trailers can create but with the call at the moment for more diversity in books I wonder if this will be considered an issue as well. I know many books do not explicitly mention the nationality of a character so in the reader’s mind I assume they would imagine the character to be similar to themselves. What do you think? You have me pondering on this and at such an early time (5:30am!).

    • I LOVE the virtual book club idea!!

      You’re right that trailers can taint their imagination. These days we live in such a visual world I hope that book trailers might help them spark their imagination. I wonder if because we live in such a visual world that kids have a hard time imagining while they are reading? I sometimes hear that from students, which makes me sad.

      • lib chelle

        Yes, it is sad. I questioned this in a post on my blog, “Are classics that important”,( Is it due to our new lifestyles and technologies? Or fears of letting kids play with freedom? Imagination seems to be tied to the “old fashioned” ways kids were raised. With so much media entertaining our children it possibly has retarded this part of their development.

        • I think it is definitely due to our lifestyles and technology, especially for younger kids and parents that do not put limits on screen time. Imagination needs to be developed and it can’t be if they are always provided with a “visual” like video games, etc. Even I have to force myself to step away from technology.

          Love your blog!