book-trailer-1I recently had a few classes in the library that needed to choose books for projects. One of the projects was how technology affects society so I selected dystopian and science fiction books and the other class had to choose either a fiction or non-fiction book on outdoor survival. Normally I book talk a selection of books but since a lot of the books were new books that had book trailers online I decided to show these. Students were entranced and really enjoyed the experience, I only wish I had a better projection system! I was surprised that the majority of students didn’t know that book trailers were even made and I even included some student made videos to hopefully inspire them to create their own, which would be a really cool class project!

What ways have you used book trailers with your students?

The following are the playlists I used.

 Dystopian & Science Fiction Book Trailers

Outdoor Survival Fiction & Non-Fiction